So I Write


I write.

I’ve never known much,

but I’ve known that…

I think too much and I’ve known that…


When I start to jot words down,

I feel as if the world starts to change,

I’m no longer drowning in misery,

I Feel…


No longer chained by mind,

but I have changed my mind about a lot.

No longer…

That scared little boy hiding under the table waiting to be found…

No longer bound by a twisted fear of the unknown,

I’ve realized that if I put my own twist to that of what fear REALLY is…

I see that:

There is no such thing as fear.

I see that…

Hiding under the table was the memory of little me waiting to be found,

not knowing that:

I’m the only who can find myself,

the discovery process lies inside and I noticed that when I write,

I can’t lie to myself inside…

I notice that my feelings and thoughts can fuse and become one…

Forming my edification for the better.

I see that when I write,

Editing is no big deal…

I see that in life,

I’ve felt like a mistake…


I can’t go back and erase.

When I write,

I start to vent the negativity formed in me,

creating a masterpiece because…

I don’t know much…

But even if I don’t like my writing,

I’m still the master of this piece.

What was this about again?


I write.


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