4 a.m Dancing

The music starts to play…

I hear nothing,

but beauty in happiness to this day,

click of a button and there goes another day,

I pray and meditate,

but nothing can alleviate that fate:

That of the negative grooves tapping within…

Screeching within…

I can lay no longer in this bed,

for this quarrel within my head…

Must be resolved,

my resolve is that of a warrior,

I will fight to the death,


This is a battle with my mind…


I must act rather kind…

I get up and close my eyes,

I open my mind and start to dance…


With much certainty…

I notice the music changing within me…

So you want to dance?

Different voices I hear singing;

the same voices reaching out their hands and trying to grab me by the waist…

Knowing that even a warrior must be tired of leading…

I feel like a disgrace…

But at the least,

I’m being honest with how I feel.

I grab negativity by the hands and pull it away from me…

You’re a little too close.

Using the negative aspects,

I start to tap on the bright side.

I look at my chest and tell my heart that there is no rest,

life is only a test.

Realize that Love is struggle, 

but so worth the fight,

Sadness brings slashes to the heart and sometimes to the wrist…


I do know this:

Madness and misery,

sadness to whatever degree…

Is thriving on my perspective,

If fire can be seen as beautiful and sometimes manipulated,

let me not feel degraded as the music starts…

I’ll control myself,

while being my wholeself,

finding beauty in the darkness…

Didn’t I close my eyes to begin with?

It’s 4 a.m…

I must be dreaming again.


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