Bryan’s Song

I used to blink,

I still think,

I close my eyes and then open…


I can’t really see.

I look around,

I didn’t realize before…


The world is so round…

I didn’t see before…


Things aren’t as they seem until you can’t see…

I see better now than I did before,

Can you see?

I took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to take advantage,

I’m not depressed,

I could be sad at times,


I would rather though,

Play this game my way,

I can say that I speak more content through the eyes of blind…

Through my peripherals I noticed that by looking at life at different angles,

Using my peripherals,

I can see that good and bad still balance…

I see better than I did before.

I still think…

I notice more when I blink.

Thisisjoshuaspeaking From the heart little cousin


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