I’m not worthy

My prescription and addiction went hand in hand.

Here you go!

A Magic pill!

Don’t be sad!

Out with “go”…

Goes my mind.

Little pill,

little pill…

Lay me still,

For I am mad,

I’ve lost my will…

Little pill.

Little pill,

I’ve lost my…


Do you hear that Mind?…

Do you hear that Soul?

I’ve never felt so much beauty in another soul…

I’ve never thought love was tangible…

I want to…

I want…

I love…

I love You.

Little pill?


Broken through Love…

Love is forever.

Working to find comfort in my flaws…

You helped me get my mind in a better place…

I’m still crazy,

but the thoughts racing are standing up straight.

I’ll never force you to stay…

But my soul is yours every day.



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