I talk to myself

Unless you speak,

your voice is silent.

If you speak and your voice is quiet…

Don’t turn away from the sound your heart wants to make.

Don’t be fake due to lack in character;

build and rebuild.

It is constant.

The voice in your head will not be quiet.


how is it that the voice within is too afraid to come out?

Why is it that you are afraid to shout?

Harsh tones from other individuals working collectively…

You’ve collected the voices and have your own musical playlist.

label it:


Label it obsession with not being able to be.


“Who am I?” you may ask…

No one in the eyes of billions,

but someone in the eyes of myself…

Can I speak or should I stay silent?

I will be me even if the tone is unique.

Frequency changes and so do wavelengths.

Why am I stuck riding the wave of others?

If I am so quick to wave off myself…

I am sometimes afraid to speak…

I am sometimes afraid to be…

Who it is that is me.

Instead of knowing the answer,

It is a constant question.

Who am I?

I am afraid to speak because my voice has quivered…

Does the past always repeat itself?

Should I own my own voice?


do I allow myself to allow others to keep me silent?

Who am I?


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