Talking to myself

You pay attention to the words that I don’t mean;
When I don’t mean to be mean.
I mean…
                                             It may seem like everyone’s against you,                                            but when someone is for you…
You don’t believe.
It’s hard to believe when others tell you to believe,
but that’s why some say to believe in yourself…
Self Conscious comes along and starts singing its sad song,
You feel like who you see in the mirror is wrong,
but the road is long.
Want to cut short?
So you build a fort instead?
You can’t get over your problems because instead of having problems you feel like it’s you who is the problem.
But what’s the matter? 
You feel you don’t matter?
If someone told you that you did…
Would it matter?|
                                                                        Who are you,                                                                                 if not just someone who blames those who really are at fault?
                                                            Those who don’t understand…                                                      Don’t REALLY know.
But I don’t know how else to say…
Take the world day by day and never put a fake smile on your face…
Be as real as you can be and there’ll be no need for fronts…
I’m the only one who can break me down and others can help build me up, 
But I’m the one putting myself together in the long road.


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