Happy Birthday

You know when you first meet and there’s that click,
Constantly lowering and raising the volume in your life,
With thoughts seeming so loud…
Never being able to fit it…
Even with the “right” crowd.
Always feeling like changing the channel,
But this wave seems different…
Surfing through life getting drowned by familiar liars…
Having no such thing as family.
But finally…
Finding purpose in those you wouldn’t expect.
Those where you feel as if…
They finally accept.
Accept me for being me and being able to be a kid.
You see…
I want to say happy birthday,
But this is more like a Happy Family.
I love you mom.
You’ve helped me grow in this little time and if I can do and little rhyme to try to make you smile,
I’ll go for it,
Cause it’ll be worthwhile.
Happy birthday. 

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