Hi there!

It being time for me to say:

That it’s time for me to stop.

Stop thinking of the words of the world and letting it put me to war with myself.

Trusting people…


is that an attribute or a fake quality?


I’m trying here.

But do you expect me to believe in the “consistency” we all proceed to show?


I don’t know much.


I know that there’s always a contingency plan for every man and woman…

An unexpected event to take over our plans for the unexpected…

That should be expected.

Love and war going hand in hand.

Love and war walking towards us with the greatest smiles.

With one comes the other.

Peace and love?

Maybe after war there can be peace of mind…

But what do we do when peace of mind brings us to war again?


Compulsions happen to us all…

Complete honesty is not expected…


to be honest…

I’m a human skeptic…

Would that be the opposite of an oxymoron?

You decide.

Don’t trust me.

The feeling is mutual.


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