Either or I’ll probably live again

Immeasurable truth…

What is Good?

There’s only positive and negative,

“Trust me”:

That’s only a concept.

Trust me,

As ironic as it seems,

Looking deep to why we do things might be selfish in the end,

But that’s okay…

At the end of the day,

Watch whatever movie you want to become,

And when you become,

Objectively you were.

Who you are today,

Doesn’t have to be the end.

When we find our want…

There’s only positive and negative.

But that’s okay.

Choose as you wish,

For life is yours to burn…

Your essence forever…

I’ll be gone by then…

But I’ll still be here.

“Black and white” thinking…

Now that’s no benefit…

Better fit either way…

depending on your “I”.

“Situation” is only nature…

Your consciousness might limit your mind…

But find out your “skills”

Or just be breathing…

What is Good?

You’re human.

That’s good enough.

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