Please bear with me (Bare)

The desperation on the look for inspiration,

Seeking within


On the outside

left without the right note to hit

Slamming fingers on keyboards

gripping pencils til splint breaks us a part

Finally feeling something else…

Hold my metaphorical hand


 Remember to support.

Maybe then will we find a way to understand,

take a part of me


Be reminded to share,

for to the world we go in bare,

and some leave too soon:

 they cannot bear to walk with scars

preferring to lay with cuts

Bandages wrapped around,

we forget we’re still flowing

the hearts of others and even mine;

symbolically still growing,

with you and I cuffed to reality,

our dreams can remember that being together means human,

and humanity itself is another day on the land

with the lay of the land being chaotic,

irrationality bringing us back at ease

back to breathe.

Is inspiration within me?

Is rationality just a dream?

Just bear with me please


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