A little About

Hi, I’m Joshua O.

This is the site I created to get somewhere public to post my writing.

Ever since I can remember…

I would play with words.

Words would not only be fun.

But I noticed that they had a strange power attached,

depending on how you said/used them.

I’ve been writing for 6 years now;¬†poetry being my passion.

When I started writing,

I promised that I wouldn’t be able to write unless I felt what I was writing.

Little did I know that that was the trick to the defining poetry for me.

I hope I can bring about any positive emotions in whoever reads my writing…

I hope to bring others on a journey where we can relate through feelings through writing.

If you like my writing,

don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send me an email:



 Much love and happy thoughts.

Picture may not be a spot on representation of looks.
The joy is there.

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