Are you scared of the dark? (Short Maybe Scary Story)

I closed my eyes.

“Come on Josh…You can sleep.” I whispered to myself.

I started to toss and turn in bed…

Still no success at trying to sleep.

The room felt a lot darker than usual…

Of course,

I had my eyes closed.

I just couldn’t shake this feeling.

I turned to my right with my eyes still closed.

My room is small.

Walk-in closet small.

My bed was on the floor because I felt more down to earth this way…

But no luck sleeping.

I opened my eyes.

The room was pitch black.

I felt colder than usual…

I couldn’t see my phone,

but I knew where it was as if it were an 11th finger.

I turned on the screen and an error message popped up…

“Are you scared of the dark?” I read it in a confused tone…

“Am I scared of the dark?” My breathing was getting less steady…

I felt the pitch black room getting smaller.

I turned the phone off.

“I can’t deal with this right now. I’m completely creeped out.”


No way.

I’m getting up.

I got up and walked to where I felt the door was…

But I couldn’t find the handle.

I fumbled for the light switch…

“There you are.”

I flipped it on… Continue reading “Are you scared of the dark? (Short Maybe Scary Story)”

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Can I see?

Have you seen?

Have you been?

Are you mean?

Leaving me in a bin?



Will you smile and say that you’re just recycling me?

Do you see?

My world is nothing,

but whatever I can imagine…

My imagination is non-existent,

my existence is questionable…

Have you been?

Walk with me…

Memory lane is a highway to hell in disguise…

Are you mean?


I figured they just spread a rumor that you were not too kind,

but I am not blind,

do not leave me for a fool,

for┬ábelieve me…

Not being remembered,


that’s okay.


being seen as one of the sheep…


that’s not.


I come to you as a timeless original…

Loving me was the trick all along…

What is eternal perspective?

What we see can not be fully remembered nor trusted.


Why does the mind hold on to the traumatic and feel dramatic?

Who am I?




and me….



and I.


Are you even real?


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It’s Simple

I like you,

I love you,

I adore you,

I’m obsessed,

I’m addicted,

I’m yours,

You’re mine,

Forever and always,

After eternity,

My soul is tied to you alone.


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Force of Nature, Not Forced Nature

Wind so strong,

all I can hear are my thoughts.

I can scream,

but I’ll run out of air while being hit full blast…

I’ll fly and float away to another place…

Where I can distract myself with words that can be said…

Words that don’t hold on to thoughts,

that hold onto feelings,

that I can’t control.


I feel you pushing me and I hear you being rough…

Or are you being beautiful?…

I feel my face sore from being blasted,

I hear Your Roar,

but wind…

O wind,

I hear you.

You’re just being natural;

You’re just singing your own version of what it is to be.

You’re just being you.

I feel harmony.

One with nature and one with yourself?

I plead…

Oh Force,

I want to be able to speak up about what I think,

I want to be heard…

Wind you have an overwhelming presence;

that no one can deny…

But why?

I want to be me as you are you…

But I can’t control my thoughts,

that may sometimes control my feelings.


I notice that you aren’t being controlled.

Wind are you listening?

I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re just being yourself…

Teach me…

Am I listening?

I step back…

And then it hits me.

I hear you wind…

I’ve heard you from the beginning.

I’ll try my best to let my thoughts float and fly away to a place where they aren’t controlled by negative emotion,

I’ll be mindful.

You’ve inspired me…

I’ll try be natural.


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4 a.m Dancing

The music starts to play…

I hear nothing,

but beauty in happiness to this day,

click of a button and there goes another day,

I pray and meditate,

but nothing can alleviate that fate:

That of the negative grooves tapping within…

Screeching within…

I can lay no longer in this bed,

for this quarrel within my head…

Must be resolved,

my resolve is that of a warrior,

I will fight to the death,


This is a battle with my mind…


I must act rather kind…

I get up and close my eyes,

I open my mind and start to dance… Continue reading “4 a.m Dancing”

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So I Write


I write.

I’ve never known much,

but I’ve known that…

I think too much and I’ve known that…


When I start to jot words down,

I feel as if the world starts to change,

I’m no longer drowning in misery,

I Feel…


No longer chained by mind, Continue reading “So I Write”

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